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Reebok International Limited is a British-American footwear and apparel company founded in Bolton, and based in Boston and headquartered both in UK and US. Since 2005, the company has been a subsidiary of German sporting goods giant Adidas

Robbie, an upset customer shares his experience on, "I ordered a pair of shoes from Reebok only to be told that it was cancelled after I sent several emails. There was no communication that told me the order was cancelled, I could have been waiting for forever. It's been two weeks now and I still haven't received my refund money back. Poor customer service Reebok, don't take customers for granted or blame it on external factors. Do your job and communicate with your paying customers!"


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Inspector (Current Employee) says

"was not a good place of business. they sent defected product to several consumers and companies because their terrible methods and poor decisions, they lt the business go down hill. it will be closing july of 2017."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The place was closing when I was there. I worked 2 days a week and had to work with others who wanted to sit around until the last moment. I to do my work and go home."

Housekeeping Manager (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed going in to work every day and interacting with my coworkers. We got the job done efficiently yet, quickly. The hardest part was working the overnight shift, however that didn't deter me from doing my job.great people to work withovernight shift"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"one of the worse place that I work .Is a revolving door for manager and sales associates.Good health insurance if you qualifiedEverything else"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"If you are lucky to get on the managers good side, life was easy. If not, you were bound to segregation and terrible working hours. It was unfair all around. Reebok needs to do a better job at choosing their management."

Data Center Contractor (Former Employee) says

"this operation has had it's day and should be under another companies control like it is, Adidas. Turnover was a real problem here and it doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"It was a assembly line. Nothing spectacular that stood out to me just a basic warehouse. I like the salary but not so much the job."

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"learnt a lot from the old manager. management never play the game and promote from inside the company - employed from outside the company and had to employ 3 managers within 3 years because of that. Staff was disillusioned with the managers has they brought in people from their old companies and passed over the existing workers - who had to teach all the new workerscompany vehiclelong hours."

Team Lead/Acting Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Reebok was an awful place to work. The management was awful and unorganized. The shifts were long and inconsistent. Paychecks were biweekly and often times missing hours and it took weeks to be corrected. Because hours were logged in wrong it was impossible to get any accurate sick time or vacation time. Your shift never ended when it was supposed to due to lack of communication: i.e- having to stay later to clean or count or fold clothes. New rules were implemented per shift which made it hard to keep count. Employees constantly calling out and leaving the store short of staff which mean shorter breaks and bad work culture. The management was rude and offensive. They did not care about employees at all! Everyone was competing with different store locations which made it difficult to have any fun with competitions because if your location lost you would be in trouble. It was nearly impossible to correct any errors when it came to customer service. Never received a proper raise even though work load and work hours increased from 30 hours to 50+ hours a week.bad management, short breaks, pay checks inconsistent and wrong"

Sales Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Worst job by far. The manager at the time was horrible. He shouldn't have had the position. I was not treated like a sales lead, theb store manager and his favorite always talked badly about me and he never gave be the opportunity to grow because he didn't like me. They refused to promote the assistant manager who deserves the position because he's black."

Team Lead/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"As part of the management team, i anonymously reported internal theft. The report was NOT kept anonymous, and because of that i was retaliated against up to and including the director of HR, the DM, and the employee themself.NoneNo communication, no sales drive, disrespect between management staff"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Ramon, the SM is the most incompetent SM ever. He's sucks at service, leadership, & is very task driven. The other leads just stand around and do nothingBenefits and DiscountStore Manager and a couple of team leaders are horrible."

Assistant Manager/ Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pretty good company, retail is retail. You know what to expect and what you will cap out at for pay."

Stylist (Current Employee) says

"My view on Reebok is that it has become a very well established upgrown firm. They have grown and made a huge come back with the help of Crossfit and their famous kicks ambassador, Kendrick Lamar. It is quite impressive.Target benefitsLong hours"

Full Time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Reebok was one of my first my jobs I loved working there because i loved my job working with customers i feel like retail will always be a field i can succeed in"

data entry (Former Employee) says

"Great Pay, Too many office politics in NJ learned cpu and excel"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is no longer in business so I wouldn't advise working there."

Head Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Okay experience as a first Job. Very draining and dead. I left because there was so space for growth and it wasnt worth to keep trading my job for such a little pay.Meeting new peopleTreats emolyees poorly"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Over worked, inconsiderate and unappropriated at work. The store manager is the laziest manager I ever work with. He constantly stays in his office doing nothing. And left all his duties to the team leaders. Since he on salary, he constantly leaves early for his music studio section. Since the district manager only comes in once every 4 to 6 months. And she always give us notice before coming."

Part-time Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, not a professional place to work at. No opportunities for growth either. The job is not difficult but would not recommend unless you are looking for something is not difficult, shifts are not long, and store is not too difficult to clean upPoor management, negative environment for most of the time, no room for growth"

Toseef Mirza says

"Very bad customer service completely irresponsible, ask for missing item they said it gonna be delivered within five weeks after five weeks off course not delivered, i call customer service she said its here in system i can't see let you know afternoon bla bla, but till evening no response i called again I'm waiting for answer etc, i dropped the call and email came more five weeks to wait, so buy something and get in almost 4 months if you are lucky 👎👎"

Nick says

"I bought shoes which showed a discount and was charged full price, Reebook customer service said there was nothing they could do and they offered 30% off a future purchase. They did not even try to see if i was right in my issue and ignored it saying the price has dropped although i provided screenshot evidence. When i raised this, i got no reply and since have sent 2 more emails and still no reply. Reebok think they are above AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW, i urge more people to speak up about this business and await the fines this business will receive when continued malpractice happens."

Tomas N says

"Some of their shoes might be quite good but their promotion of the so called “celebrities”, fake and toxic influencers outweighs any positive their products might have. It had been proven again and again that the promotion of unrealistic, surgeries altered body shapes and faces filled with toxic stuff to create artificial “beauty” leads to serious health and mental disorders in your women and alike. Brand like Reebok should know better!!!"

Diego says

"Order a pair of shoes on 12/15/20. Tracking history shows being delivered on the same day. Now 1/12/21, 28 days later, and still have not get the shoes, after a chat with customer service they help me a lot by saying everyone is experiencing issues with shipping, all my other holiday purchases made the same day and even later have arrived."

Richard Taras Pooley says

"I ordered shoes that I have to wait DAYS to get the correct size in stock. They DIDN'T make it easy to find their proclaimed on website discount code, they don't have a good smart phone interface, AND THEY EXTENDED MY ORDER TO 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!! I have MAJOR KNEE ISSUES and need shoes that aren't completely worn down. This is ridiculous.. These fools better clean up their act. I havn't received the shoes yet, if by some chance they are absolutely astonishing, I might forgive and become a costumer in the future."

Jason says

"Never buying from Reebok again... I bought some shoes from Reebok in early September. After waiting 2 months and them never coming I began asking for follow ups end of October. Each time I called up or spoke to their online customer service I was told 'an email will be sent' to check on your order. Ultimately NO follow up on Reeboks side each time I asked why and they just kept saying they don't know and will have to speak to their warehouse. Multiple times I was told I would receive an email explaining or coupon tomorrow. Never received it. Very poor customer service on Reeboks part. After waiting almost 3 months (And several hours of time spent on customer service) I asked reebok for a refund in mid December. I was told my order had been cancelled and I was to be refunded in 3-5 business days. It is a new year and still never received the money. I called up again and it turns out that NOPE they haven't been refunded... I asked them to send me verification of my refund on the phone today and surprise they will send it in 1 business day. Their customer service don't provide any information and just keep saying they will put me on hold and send an email in one business day. Thanks for nothing! Never buying from Reebok again.."

D Simonton says

"I purchased some shoes from Reebok. Before the purchase, there was a 15% off highlighted so I made my selection, only to be notified that my selection of shoes didn’t qualify for the %15 off (even though the %15 tab was on the shoes I chose.) Then, after getting screwed on the %15, I went ahead and purchased the shoes. I went to my cart to make the purchase and in the delivery selection, it read,” get it by tomorrow, Dec.31!” That was an extra $20. I want the shoes so I chose the $20 extra. After the purchase, I get an email saying the delivery date changed to Jan 5. So I get a refund on the $20? That’s a big “NO”. This company practices misleading advertising to get your business, then they screw you over. If you want some good shoes without getting screwed over, goto K-Swiss or Nike. They are better companies and won’t screw you over."

Ja Bad says

"I very disappointed,I bought shoes after 2 days my order was cancelled still 2 months I didn't have my refund. Customers services completely crap,rubbish didn't help nothing.I send few emails but no help nothing sorted,,,,Completely useless services. Reebok /Adidas."

Katharina says

"Just shocking. Products that were available on the website were suddenly cancelled due to stock shortages. It was impossible to get in touch with customer service, no one picks up their phone. Finally got a reply on Facebook after about one week. Customer service team doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. Have ordered items at the beginning of December and more than 3 weeks later they aren’t even in transit yet. Not sure if they’ll ever arrive? Honestly, looks like a great deal in the website and I guess if you have a few weeks to wait for the gear then maybe it works for you, but I find this unacceptable for an online retailer."

Helena says

"I bought 2 pair of these shoes from because of they’re fir trails abs hiking. First time I used them was in a regular walk with my dogs abs they were super tight right under where the shoelaces starts. Took them off and tried a few days later, same thing. I barely couldn’t walk, that’s how bad they were. I tried to contact Reebok but it’s super complicated and they said they can’t refund the shoes I’ve used, only give me $20 back....,,,,to use next time I’m buying from them. I don’t know if that’ll ever happen though. Tried to do a reform for a refund with the pair I had not used as I tried them on abs it was the same. It’s so complicated so I never get to the return form. Don’t buy from them!!!!!!"

Ben says

"I urge everyone NOT to purchase anything from Reebok unless you really want to experience bad customer service. I would give 0 stars for my experience but unfortunately this site does not allow me to. I placed an online order on 4 December. I still haven’t received the item and the order hasn’t even been dispatched for delivery (today is 21 Dec). The Reebok websites say that delivery (not dispatch) takes 3-7 business days. That is plainly false. I have spoken to the Customer Service department five times over the last 2 weeks and they have been so unhelpful - referring me back to their website and saying that they will “follow up” with the warehouse team, but refuse to make a call to find out when the item can be dispatched. This has been an absolute disgrace. I wonder if there was any point in making an order so early in advance of Christmas if I won’t even get my item before then. I know that other customers have had similar experiences as shown by other reviews below. I suspect that Reebok’s website is selling items which they don’t actually have in stock - hence the so called delivery “delay”. I am reporting this to the ACCC because it potentially amounts to false advertising."

Tina says

"Hopeless. Order took a long time to be processed, only to get told some item was cancelled despite website still showing is still in stock for cancelled items. Was told stock avail on Reebok that is lower than 6 is unreliable (1st time ever heard of this level of accuracy of stock reporting from a global supplier). Also dismal experience chatting to a bot service agent (as opposed to a real person) to pin down the reason for order cancellation and confirm what else is cancelled. It's a shame I was excited to try Reebok fitness gears with the cool design, but not now, with this experience thanks."

Kerin Holloway says

"This review is for the Australian Reebok website. I placed an order on 19th November. Tracked it for the weeks following, and the status remained as "order confirmed, waiting to be packed". Eventually after about 3 weeks of waiting, I contacted them via webchat to ask if it could be cancelled, given the fact that it hadn't even been shipped yet and would be unlikely to arrive in time for Christmas. The response I got was that a cancellation request would need to be submitted, and I would hear within 24-48 hrs if it was successful or not. I heard nothing. Several days later, I contacted them again via messenger. They said they would escalate it with the appropriate team, and let me know as soon as possible. I heard nothing. A few days later I did another webchat. Same response - they would submit a cancellation request, I would hear within 24-48 hrs. I heard nothing. So far, 3 cancellation requests - no cancellation. Order status still says order confirmed, waiting to be packed. So today, a month from when I placed the order, I did yet another webchat (my 4th enquiry in total). I said if I did not get resolution today, I would be contacting consumer affairs. The rep said they would escalate the issue with their manager, flag it as urgent etc etc. I fail to understand that with today's technology, why an online retailer cannot submit a cancellation request through an ordering system, which should be actioned immediately if the order has not yet been packed or shipped. Actually I can't believe that my order has just sat there for a whole month without even being shipped!! So I lodged a complaint with consumer affairs, hopefully that will prompt some resolution. I wish I had read some of these reviews before I made my purchase. I will NEVER buy from Reebok or Adidas or any of their affiliates again."

Maya Hoshino says

"I made an order of 2 sports bras. I was sent the wrong items... completely wrong. I contacted Reebok and was told that the wrong items would be picked up. A few days later I receive an email stating as I’ve not taken action my case would be closed. I call again and explain only to be told that they do not provide a pick up service so I am to take the heavy items to the post office, which I did after receiving a returns slip via email. A few days later I receive one of the two sports bras I ordered. The following 2 weeks I chase Reebok up for my second sports bra. I call (several times), email, text and I get told the same thing, “the exchange has been initiated and you’ll receive the item within the next few days”. I have now cancelled the item as I don’t believe I will ever receive it and am now waiting for refund. I’ve not received an email saying that I will be receiving a refund. So I’m doubting I will and will end up chasing them up for it. I am beyond disappointed."

Simon says

"I bought shoes through the reebok Australia website, sent them back (wrong size - my fault), returned 2 September, took 3 months of online chat and phone calls to the Philippines with the usual "we will update you in 24-48 hours". Ordered another pair, no update on delivery for 6 weeks, then cancelled order on me. The only way I finally received my refunds was to harass them on instagram. Every post reebok Australia put up, I would put a link to trustpilot and warn others about their zero service. I will never purchase reebok anything again, I will never represent their brand by wearing their clothing. Stay away from reebok Australia (who are based in Mulgrave. They take your money but you have to fight to get it back. If you ever have issues getting refunds etc out of them, take to them on instagram - it's the only way to get a reaction."

Cristina says

"Why the online retail shop is allowed to do business is beyond me. Ordered 22nd of October and a whole month has passed with my order stuck at "waiting to be packed" stage. 3 online chats and 2 FB messages to 5 different people who promised to launch an "investigation" yielded nothing- no delivery or refund. This is really unfair to consumers. Never again."

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